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      Fix a bug in recognizing bandwidth files. · 016d49f5
      Karsten Loesing authored
      We're using a regular expression on the first 100 characters of a
      descriptor to recognize bandwidth files. More specifically, if a
      descriptor starts with ten digits followed by a newline, we parse it
      as a bandwidth file. (This is ugly, but the legacy bandwidth file
      format doesn't give us much of a choice.)
      This regular expression is broken. The regular expression we want is
      one that matches the first 100 characters of a descriptor, which ours
      didn't do.
      More detailed explanation of the code change:
       - We don't need to start the pattern with `^`, because the regular
         expression needs to match the whole string anyway.
       - The `(?s)` part enables the dotall mode: "In dotall mode, the
         expression . matches any character, including a line terminator. By
         default this expression does not match line terminators. Dotall
         mode can also be enabled via the embedded flag expression (?s).
         (The s is a mnemonic for "single-line" mode, which is what this is
         called in Perl.)"
       - We need to end the pattern with `.*` to match any characters
         following the first newline, which also includes newlines due to
         the previously enabled dotall mode.
      Fixes #30369.
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