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    Don't rely on system time for writing histories. · a7418b7c
    Karsten Loesing authored
    Rather than on system time we're now depending on the last time a
    relay or bridge was seen in a consensus or status to determine when
    history ends for this relay.
    This has the advantage of making the write step deterministic, and it
    produces the exact same graph intervals for the different documents of
    a given relay or bridge.
    A minor downside is that we're now depending on node statuses _and_
    another status file in order to produce a history document. Should be
    Define graph end as last full data point before the relay/bridge was
    last seen.
    Also make sure that graphs end at that defined graph end and do not
    continue just because there's more history available. This is mostly
    to exclude falsely-reported statistics.
    Implements #16513.
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