Commit 0e11a8d1 authored by Karsten Loesing's avatar Karsten Loesing
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Delete methods that only call their super.

parent d9cafd8e
......@@ -73,24 +73,7 @@ public class DateTimeHelper {
public static final String DATEHOUR_NOSPACE_FORMAT = "yyyy-MM-dd-HH";
private static ThreadLocal<Map<String, DateFormat>> dateFormats =
new ThreadLocal<Map<String, DateFormat>>() {
public Map<String, DateFormat> get() {
return super.get();
protected Map<String, DateFormat> initialValue() {
return new HashMap<>();
public void remove() {
public void set(Map<String, DateFormat> value) {
private static DateFormat getDateFormat(String format) {
Map<String, DateFormat> threadDateFormats = dateFormats.get();
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