Commit 5c8f0d53 authored by Iain R. Learmonth's avatar Iain R. Learmonth
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Removes unnecessary cast

parent 13d53601
......@@ -628,7 +628,7 @@ public class NodeDetailsStatusUpdater implements DescriptorListener,
boolean isExit = nodeStatus.getRelayFlags().contains("Exit")
&& !nodeStatus.getRelayFlags().contains("BadExit");
boolean isGuard = nodeStatus.getRelayFlags().contains("Guard");
double consensusWeight = (double) nodeStatus.getConsensusWeight();
double consensusWeight = nodeStatus.getConsensusWeight();
consensusWeights.put(fingerprint, consensusWeight);
totalConsensusWeight += consensusWeight;
if (consensusContainsBandwidthWeights) {
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