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Prepare for version 8.0-1.28.0

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# Changes in version 8.0-1.xx.x - 2021-xx-xx
# Changes in version 8.0-1.28.0 - 2021-08-30
* Medium changes
- Reads bridgestrap statistics from CollecTor.
......@@ -8,14 +8,18 @@
flags present in the bridge network status continue to be
used. Note: the presence of the running flag determines the
value of the "running" field in details documents.
- Allow search by overload status
* Minor changes
- The overload-general server descriptor should be null when
not present and not 0
# Changes in version 8.0-1.27.0 - 2021-08-23
* Medium changes
- Add overload-ratelimits and overload-fd-exhausted ExtraInfo
descriptor line fields to the bandwidth document.
- Add overoload-general server descriptor line fields to the
- Add overload-general server descriptor line fields to the
details document.
* Minor changes
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
<property name="implementation-title" value="Onionoo" />
<property name="onionoo.protocol.version" value="8.0"/>
<property name="release.version"
<property name="metricslibversion" value="2.19.0"/>
<property name="jetty.version" value="-9.2.21.v20170120" />
<property name="warfile"
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