Commit e27191a0 authored by Karsten Loesing's avatar Karsten Loesing
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Remove redundant local variable.

parent f0530196
......@@ -449,13 +449,12 @@ public class DocumentStore {
SortedSet<String> verifiedHostNames = null;
SortedSet<String> unverifiedHostNames = null;
Boolean recommendedVersion = null;
SummaryDocument summaryDocument = new SummaryDocument(isRelay,
return new SummaryDocument(isRelay,
nickname, fingerprint, addresses, lastSeenMillis, running,
relayFlags, consensusWeight, countryCode, firstSeenMillis,
asNumber, asName, contact, family, family, version, operatingSystem,
verifiedHostNames, unverifiedHostNames,
return summaryDocument;
private <T extends Document> T retrieveDocumentFile(
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