Commit 1b6c211e authored by Ana Custura's avatar Ana Custura
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Updates visualization code to use new dictionary structure

parent 5c4c77bb
......@@ -92,6 +92,13 @@ class OPAnalysis(Analysis):"done!")
def get_tgen_streams(self, node):
return self.json_db['data'][node]['tgen']['streams']
return None
def load(cls, filename="onionperf.analysis.json.xz", input_prefix=os.getcwd()):
filepath = os.path.abspath(os.path.expanduser("{0}".format(filename)))
......@@ -51,38 +51,36 @@ class TGenVisualization(Visualization):
def __extract_data_frame(self):
transfers = []
streams = []
for (analyses, label) in self.datasets:
for analysis in analyses:
for client in analysis.get_nodes():
tgen_transfers = analysis.get_tgen_transfers(client)
for transfer_id, transfer_data in tgen_transfers.items():
transfer = {"transfer_id": transfer_id, "label": label,
"filesize_bytes": transfer_data["filesize_bytes"],
"error_code": None}
transfer["server"] = "onion" if ".onion:" in transfer_data["endpoint_remote"] else "public"
if "elapsed_seconds" in transfer_data:
s = transfer_data["elapsed_seconds"]
tgen_streams = analysis.get_tgen_streams(client)
for stream_id, stream_data in tgen_streams.items():
stream = {"stream_id": stream_id, "label": label,
"filesize_bytes": stream_data["stream_info"]["recvsize"]}
stream["server"] = "onion" if ".onion:" in stream_data["transport_info"]["remote"] else "public"
if "time_info" in stream_data:
s = stream_data["time_info"]
if "payload_progress" in s:
# Explanation of the math below for computing Mbps: From filesize_bytes
# and payload_progress fields we can compute the number of seconds that
# have elapsed between receiving bytes 524,288 and 1,048,576, which is a
# total amount of 524,288 bytes or 4,194,304 bits or 4.194304 megabits.
# We want the reciprocal of that value with unit megabits per second.
if transfer_data["filesize_bytes"] == 1048576 and "1.0" in s["payload_progress"]:
transfer["mbps"] = 4.194304 / (s["payload_progress"]["1.0"] - s["payload_progress"]["0.5"])
if transfer_data["filesize_bytes"] == 5242880 and "0.2" in s["payload_progress"]:
transfer["mbps"] = 4.194304 / (s["payload_progress"]["0.2"] - s["payload_progress"]["0.1"])
if "first_byte" in s:
transfer["time_to_first_byte"] = s["first_byte"]
if "last_byte" in s:
transfer["time_to_last_byte"] = s["last_byte"]
if "error_code" in transfer_data and transfer_data["error_code"] != "NONE":
transfer["error_code"] = transfer_data["error_code"]
if "unix_ts_start" in transfer_data:
transfer["start"] = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(transfer_data["unix_ts_start"])
transfers.append(transfer) = pd.DataFrame.from_records(transfers, index="transfer_id")
if stream_data["stream_info"]["recv_size"] == 5242880 and "0.2" in s["elapsed_seconds"]["payload_progress_recv"]:
stream["mbps"] = 4.194304 / (s["elapsed_seconds"]["payload_progress_recv"]["0.2"] - s["elapsed_seconds"]["payload_progress_recv"]["0.1"])
if "usecs-to-first-byte-recv" in s:
stream["time_to_first_byte"] = float(s["usecs-to-first-byte-recv"])/1000000
if "usecs-to-last-byte-recv" in s:
stream["time_to_last_byte"] = float(s["usecs-to-last-byte-recv"])/1000000
if "error" in stream_data["transport_info"] and stream_data["transport_info"]["error"] != "NONE":
stream["error_code"] = stream_data["transport_info"]["error"]
if "unix_ts_start" in stream_data:
stream["start"] = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(stream_data["unix_ts_start"])
streams.append(stream) = pd.DataFrame.from_records(streams, index="stream_id")
def __plot_firstbyte_ecdf(self):
for server in["server"].unique():
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