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Link an issue for Snowflake in Tor Browser 7.5a4.

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......@@ -342,7 +342,7 @@ $ ./md2csv > timeline.csv
|2017-08-14|2017-08-15||bridge|Outage of the bridge authority [Bifroest](|[mailing list post]( [mailing list post]( [graph](||
|2017-08-14|||ipv6 obfs4|Jump in IPv6 users of the [Lisbeth]( default obfs4 bridge.|[comment](|X|
|2017-08-10|2017-08-11|||Outage of the op-hk OnionPerf instance. Reported timeouts on the tor network increased, download speed improved.|[torperf graph]( [torperf-failures graph]( [op-hk graph](||
|2017-08-08|||snowflake|Tor Browser 7.5a4 released, including Snowflake for macOS.|[blog post](||
|2017-08-08|||snowflake|Tor Browser 7.5a4 released, including Snowflake for macOS.|[blog post]( [issue](||
|2017-08-07|ongoing|cd||The Democratic Republic of the Congo orders a block of social media services.|[article]( [relay graph]( [bridge graph](||
|2017-08-06|2017-10-07|sc|<OR> relay|Further increase of relay users in the Seychelles, from 5k to 100k. Stopped at the same time as increases in the Netherlands, Romania, and Lithuania.|[relay graph]( [post suggesting link to 2× dirauth bandwidth]( [post about start]( [post about end](|X|
|2017-08-03|||ipv4 ipv6|geoip and geoip6 databases updated to "August 3 2017 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country" (`geoip-db-digest 75AABD32582AC554AF252DDC7BBBABE7C6F28B28`, `geoip6-db-digest A52EFFEF8CF6F3CAA8EBD34961361544E959FAE1`).|[commit](||
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