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2021 elections in Nicaragua.

Closes #10.
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......@@ -106,6 +106,7 @@ $ ./md2csv > timeline.csv
|2021-11-17|2022-02-02||obfs4|Run a Tor Bridge campaign, offers rewards for running obfs4 bridges.|[blog post about start]( [blog post about end](||
|2021-11-08||||Removal of roughly 600 "KAX17" non-exit relays.|[mailing list post]( [relay graph]( [article](||
|2021-11-08|||onion|Release of Tor Browser 11.0. Final deprecation of v2 onion services.|[blog post]( [deprecation timeline]( [graph](||
|2021-11-07||ni||General elections in Nicaragua. Temporary increase in relay users.|[article]( [Wikipedia]( [relay users graph](||
|2021-10-29||tm|relay|Further decrease of relay users in Turkmenistan.|[comment]( [discussion](|X|
|2021-10-25|2021-11-18 13:00:00|sd||Internet shutdown in Sudan.|[article]( [article]( [Cloudflare Radar blog post]( [relay users graph](||
|2021-10-24||tm|snowflake|Snowflake users in Turkmenistan drop to zero, possibly as a result of blocking of the broker's domain-fronting channel.|[issue]( [comment]( [discussion](|X|
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