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Unknown obfs4 event in Burkina Faso.

parent 13564d76
......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ $ ./md2csv > timeline.csv
|2022-01-28 01:03:40|2022-01-28 02:05:42||snowflake|Switched the snowflake-server (at the time running on a load-balanced staging server) for a version with CPU profiling.|[comment](||
|2022-01-25 17:41:00|||snowflake|Switched the snowflake bridge to a temporary load-balanced staging server. Debugged connection problems until 2022-01-25 18:47:00.|[issue]( [comment]( [post]( [comment](||
|2022-01-24|2022-02-10|uz|relay|Temporary decrease in relay users in Uzbekistan.|[relay users graph](|X|
|2022-01-11|2022-02-01|bf|obfs4|Temporary spike in obfs4 users from Burkina Faso.|[bridge users graph](|X|
|2022-01-10 13:29:00||kz|obfs4|The Tor Project begins to distribute obfs4 bridges that listen on ports that are reachable in Kazakhstan, despite the ongoing Internet shutdown.|[forum post](||
|2022-01-07 19:29:21|||snowflake|Increased capacity of the mapping to client IP addresses on the snowflake bridge.|[issue]( [deployment comment](||
|2022-01-05 10:30:00|2022-01-11 00:00:00|kz||Country-wide Internet shutdown in Kazakhstan. Was preceded by a shutdown of most mobile networks starting 2022-01-04 14:30. Access was restored for a few hours each day.|[Cloudflare blog post]( [RIPE Labs blog post]( [NTC thread]( [BBS thread]( [IODA](||
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