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Snowflake bridge hardware upgrade.

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......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ $ ./md2csv > timeline.csv
|start date|end date|places|protocols|description|links|? |
|2022-03-16 16:51:35|||snowflake|Moved the Snowflake bridge to a faster server, running instances flakey1–flakey8.|[comment](||
|2022-03-15 22:32:45|||snowflake|Started an interim Snowflake bridge site running instances nicknamed flakey1–flakey8, temporarily running in parallel with the main bridge site.|[comment](||
|2022-02-28|||bridge|BridgeDB moves to an [rdsys]( backend.|[announcement]( [issue](||
|2022-02-24|ongoing|ru ua||Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the following days, various social media are partially blocked in Russia. Bridge users increase in Russia; relay and bridge users increase in Ukraine.|[Wikipedia]( [Relay users in Russia]( [Bridge users in Russia]( [Relay users in Ukraine]( [Bridge users in Ukraine]( [OONI article](||
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