Commit f506e693 authored by Arlo Breault's avatar Arlo Breault
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Dedup text/plain bulk exit list

 * These duplicates are a result of trac 10499 but, in general, the
   authorities do allow up to two relays to exit from the same ip.

 * Closes trac 15480
parent ad424311
......@@ -130,8 +130,12 @@ type Exits struct {
func (e *Exits) Dump(w io.Writer, tminus int, ip string, port int) {
ap := AddressPort{ip, port}
var last string
e.GetAllExits(ap, tminus, func(exit string, _ string, _ int) {
w.Write([]byte(exit + "\n"))
if exit != last {
w.Write([]byte(exit + "\n"))
last = exit
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