Commit 00ddfda5 authored by Matt Traudt's avatar Matt Traudt Committed by Matt Traudt
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Remove dead log level code

parent c983e06b
......@@ -50,33 +50,6 @@ def time_now():
return time.time()
def _log_level_string_to_int(s):
if s == 'debug':
return 4
elif s == 'info':
return 3
elif s == 'notice':
return 2
elif s == 'warn':
return 1
elif s == 'error':
return 0
fail_hard('Unknown log level:', s)
def _log_level_int_to_string(i):
if i >= 4:
return 'debug'
elif i == 3:
return 'info'
elif i == 2:
return 'notice'
elif i == 1:
return 'warn'
return 'error'
def lock_directory(dname):
Holds a lock on a file in **dname** so that other sbws processes/threads
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