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......@@ -75,6 +75,36 @@ More details about the configuration file can be found in
Gitlab) or `<man_sbws.ini.html>`_ (local build or Read the Docs) or
``man sbws.ini`` (system package).
generator setup
The Debian package also includes a cron job to run the ``generator``.
If sbws is installed in some other way, there should be cron job. For example::
35 * * * * sbws /usr/local/bin/sbws -c /etc/sbws/sbws.ini generate
05 0 * * * sbws /usr/local/bin/sbws -c /etc/sbws/sbws.ini cleanup
(Note that there is also a command to clean the old data).
If the cron job is configured to send Email alerts on errors, it's probably
better to configure the log level to ``ERROR`` instead of ``WARNING``.
At level ``WARNING``, the first days, the ``generator`` will log every hour
that it hasn't reached enough percentage of relays to report.
After some days, if the scanner is located near fasts exits, it would also log
every hour that it is reporting more than the 50% of the consensus bandwidth.
The log level can be changed in the configuration file, for example::
to_stdout_level = error
This setup will affect both to the ``generator`` and the ``scanner``, so for
Email alerts, it's probably more convenient to configure it from the command
line, for example::
/usr/local/bin/sbws --log-level error generate
See also ``./docs/source/man_sbws.rst`` (in the local directory or Tor Project
Gitlab) or `<man_sbws.html>`_ (local build or Read the Docs) or ``man sbws``
(system package).
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