Commit 11fac0c6 authored by Matt Traudt's avatar Matt Traudt Committed by juga
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Add funcs for validating enums

parent de0a46cb
......@@ -368,6 +368,27 @@ def _validate_section_urls(conf, sec, urls, tmpl):
return errors
def _validate_section_enums(conf, sec, enums, tmpl):
errors = []
section = conf[sec]
for key in enums:
choices = enums[key]['choices']
valid, error = _validate_enum(section, key, choices)
if not valid:
sec=sec, key=key, val=section[key],
e='Not a valid enum choice ({})'.format(', '.join(choices))))
return errors
def _validate_enum(section, key, choices):
value = section[key]
if value not in choices:
return False, '{} not in allowed choices: {}'.format(
value, ', '.join(choices))
return True, ''
def _validate_url(section, key):
value = section[key]
if not value.startswith(('http://', 'https://')):
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