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.. _config_tor:
sbws scanner tor configuration
Internal Tor configuration for the scanner
At the time of writing, sbws sets the following torrc options for the following
reasons when it launches Tor. You can find them in ``sbws/`` and
The scanner needs an specific Tor configuration.
The following options are either set when launching Tor or required when
connection to an existing Tor daemon.
Default configuration:
- ``SocksPort auto``: To proxy requests over Tor.
- ``CookieAuthentication 1``: The easiest way to authenticate to Tor.
- ``LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0``: To keep circuit build timeouts static.
- ``CircuitBuildTimeout 10``: To give up on struggling circuits sooner.
- ``UseEntryGuards 0``: To avoid path bias warnings.
- ``DataDirectory ...``: To set Tor's datadirectory to be inside sbws's.
- ``PidFile ...``: To make it easier to tell if Tor is running.
- ``ControlSocket ...``: To control Tor.
- ``Log notice ...``: To know what the heck is going on.
- ``UseMicrodescriptors 0``: Because full server descriptors are needed.
- ``SafeLogging 0``: Useful for logging, since there's no need for anonymity.
- ``LogTimeGranularity 1``
- ``ProtocolWarnings 1``
- ``LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0``: To keep circuit build timeouts static.
Configuration that depends on the user configuration file:
- ``CircuitBuildTimeout ...``: The timeout trying to build a circuit.
- ``DataDirectory ...``: The Tor data directory path.
- ``PidFile ...``: The Tor PID file path.
- ``ControlSocket ...``: The Tor control socket path.
- ``Log notice ...``: The Tor log level and path.
Configuration that needs to be set on runtime:
- ``__DisablePredictedCircuits 1``: To build custom circuits.
- ``__LeaveStreamsUnattached 1``
Currently most of the code that sets this configuration is in :func:`sbws.util.stem.launch_tor`
and the default configuration is ``sbws/``.
.. note:: the location of these code is being refactored.
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