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fix: scanner: Increase time getting measurements

- Increase the time waiting for the last measurements queued, to avoid
  canceling unfinished measurements and gc maybe not releasing thread
- Use the already declared global pool instead of passing it by args
- Log more information when the last measuremetns timeout

Closes: #40087
parent f3c07f29
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......@@ -15,7 +15,12 @@ from multiprocessing.dummy import Pool
import sbws.util.requests as requests_utils
import sbws.util.stem as stem_utils
from sbws.globals import HTTP_GET_HEADERS, TIMEOUT_MEASUREMENTS, fail_hard
from sbws.globals import (
from .. import settings
from ..lib.circuitbuilder import GapsCircuitBuilder as CB
......@@ -77,7 +82,7 @@ def dumpstacks():
"Thread: %s(%d)", thread_id2name.get(thread_id, ""), thread_id
log.critical("Traceback: %s", "".join(traceback.format_stack(stack)))
# If logging level is less than DEBUG (more verbose), start pdb so that
# developers can debug the issue.
if log.getEffectiveLevel() < logging.DEBUG:
......@@ -660,7 +665,6 @@ def main_loop(
"""Starts and reuse the threads that measure the relays forever.
......@@ -696,6 +700,7 @@ def main_loop(
global pool"Started the main loop to measure the relays.")
hbeat = Heartbeat(conf.getpath("paths", "state_fname"))
......@@ -743,6 +748,7 @@ def main_loop(
# Register this measurement to the heartbeat module
log.debug("Measurements queued.")
# After the for has finished, the pool has queued all the relays
# and pending_results has the list of all the AsyncResults.
# It could also be obtained with pool._cache, which contains
......@@ -815,6 +821,7 @@ def wait_for_results(num_relays_to_measure, pending_results):
)"Last measured: %s", num_last_measured)
old_pending_results = pending_results
pending_results = [r for r in pending_results if not r.ready()]
......@@ -836,15 +843,28 @@ def force_get_results(pending_results):
``get`` is not call before, because it blocks and the callbacks
are not call.
global pool
log.debug("Forcing get")
# In case there are no finished AsyncResults, print the cache here
# at level info so that is visible even if debug is not enabled."Pool cache %s", pool._cache)
for r in pending_results:
result = r.get(timeout=0.1)
# HTTP timeout is 10
result = r.get(timeout=SOCKET_TIMEOUT + 10)
log.warning("Result %s was not stored, it took too long.", result)
# TimeoutError is raised when the result is not ready, ie. has not
# been processed yet
except TimeoutError:
log.warning("A result was not stored, it was not ready.")
# This is the only place where using psutil so far.
import psutil
virtualMemoryInfo = psutil.virtual_memory()
availableMemory = virtualMemoryInfo.available
log.warning("Memory available %s MB.", availableMemory / 1024 ** 2)
# If the result raised an exception, `get` returns it,
# then log any exception so that it can be fixed.
# This should not happen, since `callback_err` would have been call
......@@ -910,7 +930,7 @@ def run_speedtest(args, conf):
max_pending_results = conf.getint("scanner", "measurement_threads")
pool = Pool(max_pending_results)
main_loop(args, conf, controller, rl, cb, rd, rp, destinations, pool)
main_loop(args, conf, controller, rl, cb, rd, rp, destinations)
except KeyboardInterrupt:"Interrupted by the user.")
stop_threads(signal.SIGINT, None)
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ include_package_data = True
# See stable releases at
python_requires = >= 3.6
install_requires =
psutil >= 5.5
stem >= 1.7.0
; # Now versioneer is also needed as dependency
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