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new: relaylist: Store relays' consensus timestamps

for each relay and for the list of relays when fetching new
network statuses.
To count the number of times a relay was in a consensus and how
many consensuses have been seen.
In the test network router status entries don't have document
Part of #28566
parent 4f740721
......@@ -624,8 +624,10 @@ def run_speedtest(args, conf):
# Call only once to initialize http_headers
settings.init_http_headers(conf.get('scanner', 'nickname'), state['uuid'],
rl = RelayList(args, conf, controller)
# To do not have to pass args and conf to RelayList, pass an extra
# argument with the data_period
measurements_period = conf.getint('general', 'data_period')
rl = RelayList(args, conf, controller, measurements_period)
cb = CB(args, conf, controller, rl)
rd = ResultDump(args, conf)
rp = RelayPrioritizer(args, conf, rl, rd)
......@@ -84,6 +84,16 @@ MAX_BW_DIFF_PERC = 50
# Tor already accept lines of any size, but leaving the limit anyway.
# RelayList, ResultDump, v3bwfile
# For how many seconds in the past the relays and measurements data is keep/
# considered valid.
# This is currently set by default in config.default.ini as ``date_period``,
# and used in ResultDump and v3bwfile.
# In a future refactor, constants in config.default.ini should be moved here,
# or calculated in settings, so that there's no need to pass the configuration
# to all the functions.
MEASUREMENTS_PERIOD = 5 * 24 * 60 * 60
# Metadata to send in every requests, so that data servers can know which
# scanners are using them.
# In Requests these keys are case insensitive.
import copy
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from stem.descriptor.router_status_entry import RouterStatusEntryV3
from stem.descriptor.server_descriptor import ServerDescriptor
from stem import Flag, DescriptorUnavailable, ControllerError
import random
import time
import logging
from threading import Lock
from ..globals import MEASUREMENTS_PERIOD
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def remove_old_consensus_timestamps(
consensus_timestamps, measurements_period=MEASUREMENTS_PERIOD):
Remove the consensus timestamps that are older than period for which
the measurements are keep from a list of consensus_timestamps.
:param list consensus_timestamps:
:param int measurements_period:
:returns list: a new list of ``consensus_timestamps``
oldest_date = datetime.utcnow() - timedelta(measurements_period)
new_consensus_timestamps = \
[t for t in consensus_timestamps if t >= oldest_date]
return new_consensus_timestamps
def valid_after_from_network_statuses(network_statuses):
"""Obtain the consensus Valid-After datetime from the ``document``
attribute of a ``stem.descriptor.RouterStatusEntryV3``.
:param list network_statuses:
returns datetime:
for ns in network_statuses:
document = getattr(ns, 'document', None)
if document:
valid_after = getattr(document, 'valid_after', None)
if valid_after:
return valid_after
return datetime.utcnow().replace(microsecond=0)
class Relay:
def __init__(self, fp, cont, ns=None, desc=None):
def __init__(self, fp, cont, ns=None, desc=None, timestamp=None):
Given a relay fingerprint, fetch all the information about a relay that
sbws currently needs and store it in this class. Acts as an abstraction
......@@ -18,6 +54,9 @@ class Relay:
:param str fp: fingerprint of the relay.
:param cont: active and valid stem Tor controller connection
:param datatime timestamp: the timestamp of a consensus
(RouterStatusEntryV3) from which this relay has been obtained.
assert isinstance(fp, str)
assert len(fp) == 40
......@@ -38,6 +77,8 @@ class Relay:
self._desc = cont.get_server_descriptor(fp, default=None)
except (DescriptorUnavailable, ControllerError) as e:
log.exception("Exception trying to get desc %s", e)
self._consensus_timestamps = []
def _from_desc(self, attr):
if not self._desc:
......@@ -107,6 +148,63 @@ class Relay:
return None
return key.rstrip('=')
def consensus_valid_after(self):
"""Obtain the consensus Valid-After from the document of this relay
network status.
network_status_document = self._from_ns('document')
if network_status_document:
return getattr(network_status_document, 'valid_after', None)
return None
def last_consensus_timestamp(self):
if len(self._consensus_timestamps) >= 1:
return self._consensus_timestamps[-1]
return None
def _add_consensus_timestamp(self, timestamp=None):
"""Add the consensus timestamp in which this relay is present.
# It is possible to access to the relay's consensensus Valid-After
if self.consensus_valid_after is not None:
# The consensus timestamp list was initialized.
if self.last_consensus_timestamp is not None:
# Valid-After is more recent than the most recent stored
# consensus timestamp.
if self.consensus_valid_after > self.last_consensus_timestamp:
# Add Valid-After
# The consensus timestamp list was not initialized.
# Add Valid-After
# If there was already a list the timestamp arg is more recent than
# the most recent timestamp stored,
elif (self.last_consensus_timestamp is not None
and timestamp > self.last_consensus_timestamp):
# Add the arg timestamp.
# In any other case
# Add the current datetime
def _remove_old_consensus_timestamps(
self, measurements_period=MEASUREMENTS_PERIOD):
self._consensus_timestamps = \
copy.deepcopy(self._consensus_timestamps, measurements_period)
def update_consensus_timestamps(self, timestamp=None):
def can_exit_to_port(self, port):
Returns True if the relay has an exit policy and the policy accepts
......@@ -129,16 +227,39 @@ class RelayList:
transparently in the background. Provides useful interfaces for getting
only relays of a certain type.
REFRESH_INTERVAL = 300 # seconds
def __init__(self, args, conf, controller):
def __init__(self, args, conf, controller,
self._controller = controller
self.rng = random.SystemRandom()
self._refresh_lock = Lock()
# To track all the consensus seen.
self._consensus_timestamps = []
# Initialize so that there's no error trying to access to it.
# In future refactor, change to a dictionary, where the keys are
# the relays' fingerprint.
self._relays = []
# The period of time for which the measurements are keep.
self._measurements_period = measurements_period
def _need_refresh(self):
return time.time() >= self._last_refresh + self.REFRESH_INTERVAL
# New consensuses happen every hour.
return datetime.utcnow() >= \
self.last_consensus_timestamp + timedelta(seconds=60*60)
def last_consensus_timestamp(self):
"""Returns the datetime when the last consensus was obtained."""
if (getattr(self, "_consensus_timestamps")
and self._consensus_timestamps):
return self._consensus_timestamps[-1]
# If the object was not created from __init__, it won't have
# consensus_timestamps attribute or it might be empty.
# In this case force new update.
# Anytime more than 1h in the past will be old.
self._consensus_timestamps = []
return datetime.utcnow() - timedelta(seconds=60*61)
def relays(self):
......@@ -197,19 +318,50 @@ class RelayList:
def _relays_without_flag(self, flag):
return [r for r in self.relays if flag not in r.flags]
def _remove_old_consensus_timestamps(self):
self._consensus_timestamps = remove_old_consensus_timestamps(
def _init_relays(self):
"""Returns a new list of relays that are in the current consensus.
And update the consensus timestamp list with the current one.
c = self._controller
relays = [Relay(ns.fingerprint, c, ns=ns)
for ns in c.get_network_statuses()]
except ControllerError as e:
log.exception("Exception trying to init relays %s", e)
return []
return relays
# This will get router statuses from this Tor cache, might not be
# updated with the network.
# Change to stem.descriptor.remote in future refactor.
network_statuses = c.get_network_statuses()
new_relays_dict = dict([(r.fingerprint, r) for r in network_statuses])
# Find the timestamp of the last consensus.
timestamp = valid_after_from_network_statuses(network_statuses)
# Update the relays that were in the previous consensus with the
# new timestamp
new_relays = []
relays = copy.deepcopy(self._relays)
for r in relays:
if r.fingerprint in new_relays_dict.keys():
# Add the relays that were not in the previous consensus
# If there was an relay in some older previous consensus,
# it won't get stored, so its previous consensuses are lost,
# but probably this is fine for now to don't make it more complicated.
for fp, ns in new_relays_dict.items():
r = Relay(ns.fingerprint, c, ns=ns, timestamp=timestamp)
return new_relays
def _refresh(self):
# Set a new list of relays.
self._relays = self._init_relays()
self._last_refresh = time.time()
def exits_not_bad_allowing_port(self, port):
return [r for r in self.exits
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