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fix: v3bwfile: Use bytes to compare bandwidth sum

Use bytes to compare the sum of scaled bandwidth (in KB) with the
sum of the consensus one (previously converted to Bytes measured.
- Check that the bandwidth attribute exists, since it was not
  stored in older versions.
- Do not sum the bw=1 as a result of the relays being unmeasured.
- Calculate the percentage difference as two difference values.
- Log which were actually the bandwidth sums.
parent 9b054bad
......@@ -1045,13 +1045,25 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
def is_max_bw_diff_perc_reached(bw_lines,
sum_consensus_bw = sum([l.desc_bw_obs_last for l in bw_lines])
sum_bw = sum([ for l in bw_lines])
diff = min(sum_consensus_bw, sum_bw) / max(sum_consensus_bw, sum_bw)
diff_perc = diff * 100"The difference between the total consensus bandwidth "
"and the total measured bandwidth is %s%% percent",
# Since old versions were not storing consensus bandwidth, use getattr.
sum_consensus_bw = sum([l.consensus_bandwidth for l in bw_lines
if getattr(l, 'consensus_bandwidth', None)])
# Because the scaled bandwidth is in KB, but not the stored consensus
# bandwidth, multiply by 1000.
# Do not count 1 bandwidths for the relays that were excluded
# and exclude also the bw of the relays that did not stored consensus,
# since they are not included either in the sum of the consensus.
sum_bw = sum([ for l in bw_lines
if getattr(l, 'consensus_bandwidth', None)
and getattr(l, 'unmeasured', 0) == 0]) * 1000
# Percentage difference
diff_perc = (
abs(sum_consensus_bw - sum_bw)
/ ((sum_consensus_bw + sum_bw) / 2)
) * 100"The difference between the total consensus bandwidth (%s)"
"and the total measured bandwidth (%s) is %s%%.",
sum_consensus_bw, sum_bw, round(diff_perc))
if diff_perc > MAX_BW_DIFF_PERC:
log.warning("It is more than %s%%", max_bw_diff_perc)
return True
......@@ -1227,6 +1239,12 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
log.debug('muf %s', muf)
log.debug('hlimit %s', hlimit)
for l in bw_lines_tf:
# Because earlier versions did not store this values, check first
# they exists. Do not report any error, since they will be stored
if not(l.desc_bw_obs_last or l.desc_bw_obs_mean and l.desc_bw_avg):
log.debug("Skipping %s from scaling, because there were not "
"descriptor bandwidths.", l.nick)
if desc_bw_obs_type == TORFLOW_OBS_LAST:
desc_bw_obs = l.desc_bw_obs_last
elif desc_bw_obs_type == TORFLOW_OBS_MEAN:
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