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Create args, confs and other fixtures

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"""pytest configuration for integration tests."""
import argparse
import pytest
from tempfile import TemporaryDirectory
from sbws.util.parser import create_parser
from sbws.util.config import get_config
from sbws.util.stem import launch_tor
import sbws.core.init
import os
from sbws.core import init
from sbws.lib.circuitbuilder import GapsCircuitBuilder as CB
from sbws.lib.destination import DestinationList
from sbws.lib.relaylist import RelayList
from sbws.util.config import _get_default_config
from sbws.util.stem import launch_tor
class _PseudoArguments(argparse.Namespace):
"""Just enough of the argparse.Namespace (what you get when you do
args = parser.parse_args()) to make get_config() happy
>>> args = _PseudoArguments(directory='/home/matt/.sbws')
def __init__(self, **kw):
for key in kw:
setattr(self, key, kw[key])
def tmpdir(tmpdir_factory, request):
"""Create a tmp dir for the tests"""
base = str(hash(request.node.nodeid))[:3]
bn = tmpdir_factory.mktemp(base)
return bn
def parser():
return create_parser()
def sbwshome_empty(tmpdir):
"""Create sbws home inside of the tests tmp dir without initializing."""
home = tmpdir.join('.sbws')
os.makedirs(home.strpath, exist_ok=True)
return home.strpath
def persistent_empty_dotsbws(parser):
Creates a ~/.sbws with nothing in it but a config.ini and a datadir/
d = TemporaryDirectory()
args = parser.parse_args(
'-d {} --log-level debug init'.format(
conf = get_config(args)
sbws.core.init.main(args, conf)
os.makedirs(os.path.join(, 'datadir'))
return d
def sbwshome_dir(sbwshome_empty):
"""Create sbws home inside of the tests tmp dir without initializing."""
os.makedirs(os.path.join(sbwshome_empty, 'datadir'), exist_ok=True)
return sbwshome_empty
def persistent_launch_tor(parser, persistent_empty_dotsbws):
d = persistent_empty_dotsbws
args = parser.parse_args('-d {}'.format(
conf = get_config(args)
conf['tor']['extra_lines'] = ''' # noqa: E501
def args(sbwshome_dir, parser):
"""Args with sbws home in the tests tmp dir."""
args = _PseudoArguments(directory=sbwshome_dir, output=sbwshome_dir,
scale=False, log_level='debug')
return args
def conf(sbwshome_dir):
"""Default configuration with sbws home in the tmp test dir."""
conf = _get_default_config()
conf['paths']['sbws_home'] = sbwshome_dir
conf['destinations']['foo'] = 'on'
conf[''] = {}
conf['']['url'] = ''
conf['tor']['extra_lines'] = """ # noqa: E501
DirAuthority auth1 orport=2002 no-v2 v3ident=D7DBC517EFD2BA1A5012CF1BD0BB38F17C8160BD AA45C13025C037F056E734169891878ED0880231
DirAuthority auth2 orport=2002 no-v2 v3ident=4EE103A081F400E6622F5461D51782B876BB5C24 E7B3C9A0040D628DAC88B0251AE6334D28E8F531
DirAuthority auth3 orport=2002 no-v2 v3ident=8B85069C7FC0593801E6491A34100264FCE28980 35E3B8BB71C81355649AEC5862ECB7ED7EFDBC5C
......@@ -39,6 +74,38 @@ TestingTorNetwork 1
NumCPUs 1
LogTimeGranularity 1
SafeLogging 0
return conf
def sbwshome(sbwshome_dir, args, conf):
init.main(args, conf)
return sbwshome_dir
def persistent_launch_tor(conf):
cont = launch_tor(conf)
return cont
def rl(args, conf, persistent_launch_tor):
return RelayList(args, conf, persistent_launch_tor)
def cb(args, conf, persistent_launch_tor, rl):
return CB(args, conf, persistent_launch_tor, rl)
def dests(args, conf, persistent_launch_tor, cb, rl):
dests, error_msg = DestinationList.from_config(conf, cb, rl,
assert dests, error_msg
return dests
# @pytest.fixture(scope='session')
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