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Leave until there's an actual new release, in case
the unreleased changes are lost.
Once is removed, update the symlinks.
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on `Keep a
Changelog <>`__ and this project
adheres to `Semantic Versioning <>`__.
v1.0.2 (2018-11-10)
- Update bandwidth file specification version in the ``generator``
- Use 5 "=" characters as terminator in the bandwidth files (#28379)
- Include the headers about eligible relays in all the bandwidth files,
not only in the ones that does not have enough eligible relays
v1.0.1 (2018-11-01)
- Change default directories when sbws is run from a system service
v1.0.0 (2018-10-29)
**Important changes**:
- ``generate`` includes extra statistics header lines when the number
of eligible relays to include is less than the 60% of the network. It
does not include the relays' lines.
- Speed up ``scanner`` by disabling RTT measurements and waiting for
measurement threads before prioritizing again the list of relays to
- Update python minimal version in setup (#28043)
- Catch unhandled exception when we fail to resolve a domain name
- Bandwidth filtered is the maximum between the bandwidth measurements
and their mean, not the minimum (#28215)
- Stop measuring the same relay by two threads(#28061)
- Move ``examples/`` to ``docs/`` (#28040)
- Number of results comparison and number of results away from each
other are incorrect (#28041)
- Stop removing results that are not away from some other X secs
- Use secs-away when provided instead of data\_period (#28105)
- Disable measuring RTTs (#28159)
- Rename bandwidth file keyvalues (#28197)
- Write bw file only when the percentage of measured relays is bigger
than 60% (#28062)
- When the percentage of measured relays is less than the 60%, do not
include the relays in the bandwidth file and instead include some
statistics in the header (#28076)
- When the percentage of measured relays is less than the 60% and it
was more before, warn about it (#28155)
- When the difference between the total consensus bandwidth and the
total in the bandwidth lines is larger than 50%, warn (#28216)
- Add documentation about how the bandwidth measurements are selected
and scaled before writing them to the Bandwidth File (#27692)
v0.8.0 (2018-10-08)
**Important changes**:
- Implement Torflow scaling/aggregation to be able to substitute
Torflow with sbws without affecting the bandwidth files results.
- Change stem dependency to 1.7.0, which removes the need for
- Update and cleanup documentation
- Add system physical requirements section to INSTALL (#26937)
- Warn when there is not enough disk space (#26937)
- Implement Torflow scaling (#27108)
- Create methods to easy graph generation and obtain statistics to
compare with current torflow results.(#27688)
- Implement rounding bw in bandwidth files to 2 insignificant
- Filter results in order to include relays in the bandwidth file
- have at least two measured bandwidths
- the measured bandwidths are within 24 hours of each other
- have at least two descriptor observed bandwidths
- the descriptor observed bandwidths are within 24 hours of each other
- Broken environment variable in default sbws config. To use envvar
$FOO, write $$FOO in the config.
- Stop using directory as argument in integration tests (#27342)
- Fix typo getting configuration option to allow logging to file
- Set int type to new arguments that otherwise would be string (#27918)
- Stop printing arguments default values, since they are printed by
default (#27916)
- Use dash instead of underscore in new cli argument names (#27917)
- sbws install doc is confusing (#27341)
- Include system and Python dependencies in ``INSTALL``.
- Include dependencies for docs and tests in ``INSTALL``.
- Point to ``DEPLOY`` to run sbws.
- Remove obsolete sections in ``INSTALL``
- Simplify ``DEPLOY``, reuse terms in the ``glossary``.
- Remove obsolete ``sbws init`` from ``DEPLOY``.
- Point to config documentation.
- Add, unify and reuse terms in ``glossary``.
- refactor v3bwfile (#27386): move scaling method inside class
- use custom ``install_command`` to test installation commands while
``dependency_links`` is needed until #26914 is fixed. (#27704)
- documentation cleanup (#27773)
- split, merge, simplify, extend, reorganize sections and files
- generate scales as Torflow by default (#27976)
- Replace stem ``dependency_links`` by stem 1.7.0 (#27705). This also
eliminates the need for custom ``install_command`` in tox.
v0.7.0 (2018-08-09)
**Important changes**:
- ``cleanup/stale_days`` is renamed to
- ``cleanup/rotten_days`` is renamed to
- sbws now takes as an argument the path to a config file (which
contains ``sbws_home``) instead of ``sbws_home`` (which contains the
path to a config file)
- Log line on start up with sbws version, platform info, and library
versions (trac#26751)
- Manual pages (#26926)
- Stop deleting the latest.v3bw symlink. Instead, do an atomic rename.
- State file for storing the last time ``sbws scanner`` was started,
and able to be used for storing many other types of state in the
future. (GH#166)
- Log files weren't rotating. Now they are. (#26881)
- Remove test data v3bw file and generate it from the same test.
- Stop using food terms for cleanup-related config options
- Cleanup command now cleans up old v3bw files too (#26701)
- Make sbws more compatible with system packages: (#26862)
- Allow a configuration file argument
- Remove directory argument
- Create minimal user configuration when running
- Do not require to run a command to initialize
- Initialize directories when running
- Do not require configuration file inside directories specified by the
v0.6.0 (2018-07-11)
**Important changes**:
- The way users configure logging has changed. No longer are most users
expected to be familiar with how to configure python's standard
logging library with a config file. Instead we've abstracted out the
setting of log level, format, and destinations to make these settings
more accessible to users. Expert users familiar with `the logging
config file
format <>`__
can still make tweaks.
Summary of changes:
- Make logging configuration easier for the user.
- Add UML diagrams to documentation. They can be found in
docs/source/images/ and regenerated with ``make umlsvg`` in docs/.
- UML diagrams to documentation. In docs/ run ``make umlsvg`` to
rebuild them. Requires graphviz to be installed.(GHPR#226)
- Add metadata to, useful for source/binary distributions.
- Add possibility to log to system log. (#26683)
- Add option to cleanup v3bw files. (#26701)
- Measure relays that have both Exit and BadExit as non-exits, which is
how clients would use them. (GH#217)
- Could not init sbws because of a catch-22 related to logging
configuration. Overhaul how logging is configured. (GH#186 GHPR#224)
- Call write method of V3BWFile class from the object instance.
- Stop calculating median on empty list .(#26666)
- Remove is\_controller\_ok. Instead catch possible controller
exceptions and log them
- Two parsing/plotting scripts in scripts/tools/ that can now be found
v0.5.0 (2018-06-26)
**Important changes**:
- Result format changed, causing a version bump to 4. Updating sbws to
0.5.0 will cause it to ignore results with version less than 4.
Summary of changes:
- Keep previously-generated v3bw files
- Allow a relay to limit its weight based on
- 1 CPU usage optimization
- 1 memory usage optimization
- Use a relay's {,Relay}BandwidthRate/MaxAdvertisedBandwidth as an
upper bound on the measurements we make for it. (GH#155)
- Ability to only consider results for a given relay valid if they came
from when that relay is using its most recent known IP address.
Thanks Juga. (GH#154 GHPR#199)
- Maintenance script to help us find functions that are (probably) no
longer being called.
- Integration test(s) for RelayPrioritizer (GHPR#206)
- Git/GitHub usage guidelines to CONTRIBUTING document (GH#208
- Make relay priority calculations take only ~5% of the time they used
to (3s vs 60s) by using sets instead of lists when selecting
non-Authority relays. (GH#204)
- Make relay list refreshing take much less time by not allowing worker
threads to dogpile on the CPU. Before they would all start requesting
descriptors from Tor at roughly the same time, causing us to overload
our CPU core and make the process take unnecessarily long. Now we let
one thread do the work so it can peg the CPU on its own and get the
refresh done ASAP. (GH#205)
- Catch a JSON decode exception on malformed results so sbws can
continue gracefully (GH#210 GHPR#212)
- Change the path where the Bandwidth List files are generated: now
they are stored in ``v3bw`` directory, named ``YYmmdd_HHMMSS.v3bw``,
and previously generated ones are kept. A ``latest.v3bw`` symlink is
updated. (GH#179 GHPR#190)
- Code refactoring in the v3bw classes and generation area
- Replace v3bw-into-xy bash script with python script to handle a more
complex v3bw file format (GH#182)
v0.4.1 (2018-06-14)
- If the relay to measure is an exit, put it in the exit position and
choose a non-exit to help. Previously the relay to measure would
always be the first hop. (GH#181)
- Try harder to find a relay to help measure the target relay with two
changes. Essentially: (1) Instead of only picking from relays that
are 1.25 - 2.00 times faster than it by consensus weight, try (in
order) to find a relay that is at least 2.00, 1.75, 1.50, 1.25, or
v1.00 times as fast. If that fails, instead of giving up, (2) pick the
fastest relay in the network instead of giving up. This compliments
the previous change about measuring target exits in the exit
- Exception that causes sbws to fall back to one measurement thread. We
first tried fixing something in this area with ``88fae60bc`` but
neglected to remember that ``.join()`` wants only string arguments
and can't handle a ``None``. So fix that.
- Exception when failing to get a relay's ``ed25519_master_key`` from
Tor and trying to do ``.rstrip()`` on a None.
- ``earliest_bandwidth`` being the newest bw not the oldest (thanks
- ``node_id`` was missing the character "$" at the beginning
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