Commit 89ed8ace authored by juga's avatar juga Committed by Matt Traudt
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Add fixtures for unit tests

parent 666b9d7f
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ from sbws.lib.resultdump import ResultError
from sbws.lib.resultdump import ResultSuccess
from sbws.lib.resultdump import Result
from sbws.lib.resultdump import write_result_to_datadir
from sbws.util.config import get_config
from sbws.util.config import get_config, _get_default_config
from sbws.util.parser import create_parser
import sbws.core.init
from tempfile import TemporaryDirectory
......@@ -50,6 +50,39 @@ def datadir(request):
return D(request.fspath.dirpath("data"))
def tmpdir(tmpdir_factory, request):
"""Create a tmp dir for the tests"""
base = str(hash(request.node.nodeid))[:3]
bn = tmpdir_factory.mktemp(base)
return bn
def tmpdir_sbwshome(tmpdir):
"""Create .sbws inside of the tests tmp dir"""
home = tmpdir.join('.sbws')
os.makedirs(home.strpath, exist_ok=True)
return home
def unittest_args(tmpdir_sbwshome, parser):
"""Args with sbws home in the tests tmp dir"""
return _PseudoArguments(directory=tmpdir_sbwshome.strpath,
def unittest_conf(tmpdir_sbwshome):
"""Default configuration with sbws home in the tmp test dir"""
conf = _get_default_config()
conf['paths']['sbwshome'] = tmpdir_sbwshome.strpath
conf['paths']['started_filepath'] = ""
return conf
def parser():
return create_parser()
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