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Perform periodic reachability tests to determine which helpers are useful

parent 764e1499
import random
from ..util.simpleauth import authenticate_to_server
from ..util.sockio import (make_socket, close_socket)
from sbws.globals import time_now
from sbws.lib.circuitbuilder import GapsCircuitBuilder as CB
import sbws.util.stem as stem_utils
from stem.descriptor.router_status_entry import RouterStatusEntryV3
from threading import RLock
import random
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -11,6 +17,11 @@ class HelperRelay:
self._server_host = conf_section['server_host']
self._server_port = conf_section.getint('server_port')
self._password = conf_section['password']
self._name ='.')[1]
def name(self):
return self._name
def fingerprint(self):
......@@ -39,7 +50,15 @@ class HelperRelayList:
self.controller = controller
for helper in helpers:
assert isinstance(helper, HelperRelay)
self.helpers = helpers
self._socks_proxy = (conf['tor']['socks_host'],
conf.getint('tor', 'socks_port'))
self._all_helpers = helpers
self._usable_helpers = set()
self._circuit_builder = CB(args, conf, controller)
self._last_reachability_test = 0
self._reachability_test_every = \
conf.getint('helpers', 'reachability_test_every')
self._reachability_lock = RLock()
def from_config(args, conf, controller=None):
......@@ -50,6 +69,8 @@ class HelperRelayList:
section = conf['helpers']
helpers = []
for key in section.keys():
if key == 'reachability_test_every':
if not section.getboolean(key):
log.debug('%s is disabled; not loading it', key)
......@@ -59,21 +80,80 @@ class HelperRelayList:
return HelperRelayList(args, conf, helpers, controller=controller), ''
def _should_perform_reachability_test(self):
return self._last_reachability_test + self._reachability_test_every <\
def _build_circuit_with_relay(self, relay):
assert isinstance(relay, RouterStatusEntryV3)
cb = self._circuit_builder
# Try three times to get a circuit ending at the target relay
# Note that the CircuitBuilder may try each path multiple times (as of
# the time of this comment's writing, it does)
for _ in range(0, 3):
circ_id = cb.build_circuit([None, relay.fingerprint])
if circ_id is not None:
return circ_id
return None
def _helper_server_is_functioning(self, helper, circ_id):
assert circ_id
cb = self._circuit_builder
sock = make_socket(*self._socks_proxy)
connected = stem_utils.connect_over_circuit(
cb.controller, circ_id, sock, helper.server_host,
if not connected:
return False
authed = authenticate_to_server(sock, helper.password)
return authed
def _perform_reachability_test(self):
log.debug('Performing reachability tests')
helpers = set()
for helper in self._all_helpers:
fp = helper.fingerprint
relay = stem_utils.fp_or_nick_to_relay(self.controller, fp)
if not relay:
log.warning('Helper %s\'s relay with fp %s does not seem to '
'be in the consensus. Ignoring it.',,
circ_id = self._build_circuit_with_relay(relay)
if not circ_id:
log.warning('Unable to build a circuit with helper %s\'s '
'relay %s in it. Ignoring it.',,
if not self._helper_server_is_functioning(helper, circ_id):
log.warning('Unable to speak with the sbws server for helper '
'%s. Ignoring it.',
log.debug('Helper %s is usable. Keeping it.', relay.nickname)
self._last_reachability_test = time_now()
self._usable_helpers = list(helpers)'After performing reachability tests, we have %d/%d usable '
'helpers: %s', len(self._usable_helpers),
', '.join([ for h in self._usable_helpers]))
def next(self, blacklist=[]):
''' Returns the next helper in the list that should be used. Do not
pick a helper that has a relay with a fingerprint in the given
blacklist. Returns None if no valid helper is available. '''
# XXX: Consider alternate designs. This just picks a random
# non-blacklisted helper. What if we could keep track of the health of
# the helpers? What if we picked geographically close helpers (probably
# in a different function called pick_best() or something)? What if we
# picked a helper that hasn't been used recently for this relay?
# Ideally we should see if the helper is online. It should be easy to
# do since the list has a copy of the stem controller. Just see if
# there's a descriptor for the given fingerprint.
for helper in self.helpers:
with self._reachability_lock:
if self._should_perform_reachability_test():
assert not self._should_perform_reachability_test()
for helper in self._usable_helpers:
if helper.fingerprint in blacklist:
return helper
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