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Merge branch 'bug28866'

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''' Measure the relays. '''
import queue
import signal
import sys
......@@ -377,8 +378,21 @@ def _next_expected_amount(expected_amount, result_time, download_times,
def result_putter(result_dump):
''' Create a function that takes a single argument -- the measurement
result -- and return that function so it can be used by someone else '''
def closure(measurement_result):
return result_dump.queue.put(measurement_result)
# Since result_dump thread is calling queue.get() every second,
# the queue should be full for only 1 second.
# This call blocks at maximum timeout seconds.
result_dump.queue.put(measurement_result, timeout=3)
except queue.Full:
# The result would be lost, the scanner will continue working.
"The queue with measurements is full, when adding %s.\n"
"It is possible that the thread that get them to "
"write them to the disk (ResultDump.enter) is stalled.",
return closure
......@@ -580,7 +580,22 @@ class ResultDump:
def enter(self):
''' Main loop for the ResultDump thread '''
"""Main loop for the ResultDump thread.
When there are results in the queue, queue.get will get them until
there are not anymore or timeout happen.
For every result it gets, it process it and store in the filesystem,
which takes ~1 millisecond and will not trigger the timeout.
It can then store in the filesystem ~1000 results per second.
I does not accept any other data type than Results or list of Results,
therefore is not possible to put big data types in the queue.
If there are not any results in the queue, it waits 1 second and checks
with self.data_lock: = load_recent_results_in_datadir(
self.fresh_days, self.datadir)
......@@ -267,3 +267,23 @@ def sbwshome_success_result_two_relays(sbwshome_only_datadir, conf):
write_result_to_datadir(RESULT_SUCCESS2, dd)
write_result_to_datadir(RESULT_SUCCESS2, dd)
return sbwshome_only_datadir
def end_event():
import threading
return threading.Event()
def rd(args, conf, end_event):
from sbws.lib.resultdump import ResultDump
# in Travis the next line gives the error:
# TypeError: __init__() takes 3 positional arguments but 4 were given
# No idea why.
# Returning None to disable the test in case ResultDump can not be
# initialized.
return ResultDump(args, conf, end_event)
except TypeError:
return None
"""Unit tests for"""
import pytest
from sbws.core.scanner import result_putter
def test_result_putter(sbwshome_only_datadir, result_success, rd, end_event):
if rd is None:
pytest.skip("ResultDump is None")
# Put one item in the queue
callback = result_putter(rd)
assert rd.queue.qsize() == 1
# Make queue maxsize 1, so that it'll be full after the first callback.
# The second callback will wait 1 second, then the queue will be empty
# again.
rd.queue.maxsize = 1
# after putting 1 result, the queue will be full
assert rd.queue.qsize() == 1
assert rd.queue.full()
# it's still possible to put another results, because the callback will
# wait 1 second and the queue will be empty again.
assert rd.queue.qsize() == 1
assert rd.queue.full()
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