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Add integration test for RelayPrioritizer

parent cf3e4785
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ from sbws.util.parser import create_parser
from sbws.util.config import get_config
from sbws.util.stem import launch_tor
import sbws.core.init
import os
......@@ -14,13 +15,14 @@ def parser():
def persistent_empty_dotsbws(parser):
Creates a ~/.sbws with nothing in it but a config.ini
Creates a ~/.sbws with nothing in it but a config.ini and a datadir/
d = TemporaryDirectory()
args = parser.parse_args(
'-d {} --log-level DEBUG init'.format(
conf = get_config(args)
sbws.core.init.main(args, conf)
os.makedirs(os.path.join(, 'datadir'))
return d
from sbws.lib.resultdump import ResultDump
from sbws.lib.resultdump import (Result, ResultSuccess, ResultErrorCircuit)
from sbws.lib.relaylist import RelayList
from sbws.lib.relayprioritizer import RelayPrioritizer
from sbws.util.config import get_config
from threading import Event
from unittest.mock import patch
def static_time(value):
while True:
yield value
def get_global_stuff(dotsbws, cont, parser):
args = parser.parse_args(
'-d {} --log-level DEBUG'.format(dotsbws).split())
conf = get_config(args)
rl = RelayList(args, conf, cont)
return {
'args': args,
'conf': conf,
'rl': rl,
'end': Event(),
def _build_result_for_relay(relay_nick, result_type, timestamp, rl):
relay = [r for r in rl.relays if r.nickname == relay_nick]
assert len(relay) == 1
relay = relay[0]
other = [r for r in rl.relays if r.nickname != relay_nick][0]
circ = [relay.fingerprint, other.fingerprint]
url = ''
nick = 'sbws_scanner'
if result_type == ResultSuccess:
rtts = [0.5, 0.5, 0.5]
dls = [
{'amount': 1024, 'duration': 1},
{'amount': 1024, 'duration': 1},
{'amount': 1024, 'duration': 1},
return ResultSuccess(rtts, dls, relay, circ, url, nick, t=timestamp)
elif result_type == ResultErrorCircuit:
return ResultErrorCircuit(
relay, circ, url, nick, msg='Test error circ message', t=timestamp)
def test_relayprioritizer_general(
time_mock, persistent_empty_dotsbws, parser, persistent_launch_tor):
now = 1000000
time_mock.side_effect = static_time(now)
cont = persistent_launch_tor
dotsbws =
d = get_global_stuff(dotsbws, cont, parser)
args = d['args']
conf = d['conf']
end_event = d['end']
rl = d['rl']
rd = ResultDump(args, conf, end_event)
rp = RelayPrioritizer(args, conf, rl, rd)
results = [
'relay1', ResultSuccess, now - 100, rl),
'relay2', ResultSuccess, now - 200, rl),
'relay3', ResultSuccess, now - 300, rl),
'relay4', ResultSuccess, now - 400, rl),
'relay5', ResultSuccess, now - 500, rl),
for result in results:
best_list = [_ for _ in rp.best_priority()]
# Of the relays for which we have added results to the ResultDump,
# relay1 has the lowest priority (it has the most recent result) and
# relay5 has the highest prioirty. The relays that we didn't add
# results for will have the highest priority, but don't test the order
# of them. Skip to the end of the list and check those guys since they
# should have a defined order.
for i in range(1, 5+1):
nick = 'relay{}'.format(i)
pos = i * -1
relay = best_list[pos]
assert relay.nickname == nick
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