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scanner: add documentation to function that run scanner

parent 7dce78a8
......@@ -439,6 +439,22 @@ def main_loop(args, conf, controller, relay_list, circuit_builder, result_dump,
def run_speedtest(args, conf):
"""Initializes all the data and threads needed to measure the relays.
It launches or connect to Tor in a thread.
It initializes the list of relays seen in the Tor network.
It starts a thread to read the previous measurements and wait for new
measurements to write them to the disk.
It initializes a class that will be used to order the relays depending
on their measurements age.
It initializes the list of destinations that will be used for the
It initializes the thread pool that will launch the measurement threads.
The pool starts 3 other threads that are not the measurement (worker)
Finally, it calls the function that will manage the measurement threads.
global rd, pool, controller
controller, _ = stem_utils.init_controller(
path=conf.getpath('tor', 'control_socket'))
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