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fixup! scanner: check that ResultDump queue is not full

parent 43add248
''' Measure the relays. '''
import queue
from ..lib.circuitbuilder import GapsCircuitBuilder as CB
from ..lib.resultdump import ResultDump
......@@ -317,16 +318,19 @@ def result_putter(result_dump):
result -- and return that function so it can be used by someone else '''
def closure(measurement_result):
# in case the queue is full, wait until is not.
# Since result_dump thread is calling queue.get() every second,
# the queue should be full for only 1 second.
while result_dump.queue.full():'The results queue is full, after 1 second it should '
'not be full.')
# Non blocking, wait a maximum of 1 second if the queue is full.
# Because of the timeout, the previous while should not be needed.
result_dump.queue.put(measurement_result, timeout=1)
# This call blocks at maximum timeout seconds.
result_dump.queue.put(measurement_result, timeout=3)
except queue.Full:
# The result would be lost, the scanner will continue working.
"The queue with measurements is full, when adding %s.\n"
"It is possible that the thread that get them to "
"write them to the disk (ResultDump.enter) is stalled.",
return closure
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