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fix: v3bwfile: Change from_results to set

under_min_report KeyValue when the minimum percent is not reached.
Also change list by int the methods that calculate the progress.

Part of #29853.
parent ab413321
......@@ -930,12 +930,17 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
if not bw_lines_raw:
# It could be possible to scale the lines that were successful
# even if excluded, but is not done here."After applying restrictions to the raw results, "
"there is not any. Scaling can not be applied.")
# Update the header and log the progress.
cls, bw_lines_raw, header, number_consensus_relays, state)
# Create the bandwidth file with the excluded lines that does not
# have ``bw`` attribute
cls, 0, header, number_consensus_relays, state)
# Set the lines that would be excluded anyway (`vote=0`) with
# `under_min_report=1`
# Create the bandwidth file with the lines that would be excluded.
return cls(header, bw_lines_excluded)
if scaling_method == SBWS_SCALING:
bw_lines = cls.bw_sbws_scale(bw_lines_raw, scale_constant)
......@@ -945,8 +950,14 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
bw_lines = cls.bw_torflow_scale(bw_lines_raw, torflow_obs,
torflow_cap, round_digs)
# log.debug(bw_lines[-1])
cls, bw_lines, header, number_consensus_relays, state)
# Update the header and log the progress.
min_perc = cls.update_progress(
cls, len(bw_lines), header, number_consensus_relays, state
# If after scaling the number of lines is less than the percentage
# of lines to report, set them with `under_min_report`.
if not min_perc:
bw_lines = cls.bw_kb(bw_lines_raw)
# log.debug(bw_lines[-1])
......@@ -1275,7 +1286,7 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
return num
def measured_progress_stats(bw_lines, number_consensus_relays,
def measured_progress_stats(num_bw_lines, number_consensus_relays,
""" Statistics about measurements progress,
to be included in the header.
......@@ -1293,14 +1304,14 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
# It will not be updated to the last consensus, but the list of
# measured relays is not either.
assert isinstance(number_consensus_relays, int)
assert isinstance(bw_lines, list)
assert isinstance(num_bw_lines, int)
statsd = {}
statsd['number_eligible_relays'] = len(bw_lines)
statsd['number_eligible_relays'] = num_bw_lines
statsd['number_consensus_relays'] = number_consensus_relays
statsd['minimum_number_eligible_relays'] = round(
statsd['number_consensus_relays'] * MIN_REPORT / 100)
statsd['percent_eligible_relays'] = round(
len(bw_lines) * 100 / statsd['number_consensus_relays'])
num_bw_lines * 100 / statsd['number_consensus_relays'])
statsd['minimum_percent_eligible_relays'] = MIN_REPORT
if statsd['number_eligible_relays'] < \
......@@ -1356,20 +1367,27 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
['sum_bw', 'mean_bw', 'median_bw', 'num',
'max_bw', 'min_bw']]
def update_progress(self, bw_lines, header, number_consensus_relays,
def update_progress(self, num_bw_lines, header, number_consensus_relays,
Returns True if the minimim percent of Bandwidth Lines was reached
and False otherwise.
Update the header with the progress.
min_perc_reached_before = state.get('min_perc_reached')
if number_consensus_relays is not None:
statsd, success = self.measured_progress_stats(
bw_lines, number_consensus_relays, min_perc_reached_before)
num_bw_lines, number_consensus_relays, min_perc_reached_before)
# add statistics about progress always
if not success:
bw_lines = []
# From sbws 1.1.0 the lines are reported (#29853) even if they
# are less than the minimum percent.
state['min_perc_reached'] = None
return False
state['min_perc_reached'] = now_isodt_str()
return bw_lines
return True
def bw_line_for_node_id(self, node_id):
"""Returns the bandwidth line for a given node fingerprint.
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