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is already explained in README, and how the scanner works.
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Simple Bandwidth Scanner technical details
Anatomy of a Tor network using sbws
Every directory authority that wishes to also vote on relay bandwidth (AKA
a bandwidth authority) MUST run one or more sbws scanner clients (or trust
someone to run one or more sbws scanner clients for them). The scanners run
continuously, constantly building two-hop circuits to the previously described
webservers and measuring the amount of bandwidth relays are capable of
handling on these measurement circuit. Over these circuits it collects RTT
data (by repeatedly requesting a single byte from the webserver) and available
bandwidth data (by starting small and progressively requesting larger amounts
of data until the request takes long enough to fulfill, and then requesting
that amount many times).
Periodically the operator of an sbws scanner MUST run the sbws generate
command in order to generate a :term:`v3bw file`. This aggregates the previous
few days' worth of measurement results into one RTT and one bandwidth per relay
ever measured within the validity period into a single file for the tor process
the bandwidth authority is running to read. The bandwidth authority includes
these aggregated results in its votes.
Running the scanner
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