Commit e9181675 authored by Matt Traudt's avatar Matt Traudt
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Warn if no recent valid results

parent b275641f
......@@ -111,8 +111,10 @@ def main(args, conf, log_):
fresh_days = conf.getint('general', 'data_period')
results = load_recent_results_in_datadir(
fresh_days, datadir, success_only=True, log_fn=log.debug)
# NOTE: here program would have already exit if no results
# still should be asserted?
if len(results) < 1:
log.warn('No recent results, so not generating anything. (Have you '
'ran sbws client recently?)')
data = group_results_by_relay(results)
data_lines = [result_data_to_v3bw_line(data, fp) for fp in data]
data_lines = sorted(data_lines, key=lambda d:, reverse=True)
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