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scanner: Warn when there is no progress

measuring unique relays.
Create new module heartbeat.

Closes: #28652
parent e8f7d9de
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ import requests
import random
from .. import settings
from ..lib import heartbeat
rng = random.SystemRandom()
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -478,6 +479,13 @@ def main_loop(args, conf, controller, relay_list, circuit_builder, result_dump,
# Variable to count total progress in the last days:
# In case it is needed to see which relays are not being measured,
# store their fingerprint, not only their number.
measured_fp_set = set()
measured_percent = 0
main_loop_tstart = time.monotonic()
# Set the time to wait for a thread to finish as the half of an HTTP
# request timeout.
# Do not start a new loop if sbws is stopping.
......@@ -503,7 +511,7 @@ def main_loop(args, conf, controller, relay_list, circuit_builder, result_dump,
[args, conf, destinations, circuit_builder, relay_list,
target], {}, callback, callback_err)
# After the for has finished, the pool has queued all the relays
# and pending_results has the list of all the AsyncResults.
# It could also be obtained with pool._cache, which contains
......@@ -511,6 +519,11 @@ def main_loop(args, conf, controller, relay_list, circuit_builder, result_dump,
num_relays_to_measure = len(pending_results)
wait_for_results(num_relays_to_measure, pending_results)
measured_percent = heartbeat.total_measured_percent(
measured_percent, relay_list.relays_fingerprints, measured_fp_set,
main_loop_tstart, conf.getpath('paths', 'state_fname')
loop_tstop = time.time()
loop_tdelta = (loop_tstop - loop_tstart) / 60
log.debug("Measured %s relays in %s minutes", num_relays, loop_tdelta)
Classes and functions to implement a heartbeat system to monitor the progress.
import logging
import time
from ..util.state import State
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# NOTE tech-debt: this could go be tracked globally as a singleton
consensus_fp_set = set()
def total_measured_percent(measured_percent, relays_fingerprints,
measured_fp_set, main_loop_tstart, state_path):
"""Returns the new percentage of the different relays that were measured.
This way it can be known whether the scanner is making progress measuring
all the Network.
Log the percentage, the number of relays measured and not measured,
the number of loops and the time elapsed since it started measuring.
global consensus_fp_set
# NOTE: in a future refactor make State a singleton in
state_dict = State(state_path)
loops_count = state_dict.get('recent_priority_list_count', 0)
# Store all the relays seen in all the consensuses.
[consensus_fp_set.add(r) for r in relays_fingerprints]
not_measured_fp_set = consensus_fp_set.difference(measured_fp_set)
main_loop_tdelta = (time.monotonic() - main_loop_tstart) / 60
new_measured_percent = round(
len(measured_fp_set) / len(consensus_fp_set) * 100)"Run %s main loops.", loops_count)"Measured in total %s (%s%%) unique relays in %s minutes",
len(measured_fp_set), new_measured_percent, main_loop_tdelta)"%s relays still not measured.", len(not_measured_fp_set))
# The case when it is equal will only happen when all the relays have been
# measured.
if (new_measured_percent <= measured_percent):
log.warning("There is no progress measuring relays!.")
return new_measured_percent
......@@ -355,6 +355,13 @@ class RelayList:
def authorities(self):
return self._relays_with_flag(Flag.AUTHORITY)
def relays_fingerprints(self):
# Using relays instead of _relays, so that the list get updated if
# needed, since this method is used to know which fingerprints are in
# the consensus.
return [r.fingerprint for r in self.relays]
def random_relay(self):
return self.rng.choice(self.relays)
"""Unit tests for heartbeat"""
import logging
import time
from sbws.lib import heartbeat
def test_total_measured_percent(conf, caplog):
measured_percent = 0
measured_fp_set = set(['A', 'B'])
main_loop_tstart = time.monotonic()
relays_fingerprints = set(['A', 'B', 'C'])
new_measured_percent = heartbeat.total_measured_percent(
measured_percent, relays_fingerprints, measured_fp_set,
main_loop_tstart, conf.getpath('paths', 'state_fname')
assert new_measured_percent == 67
caplog.records[1].getMessage().find("Measured in total 2 (67%)")
caplog.records[2].getMessage().find("1 relays still not measured")
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