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Update comment: we do more things here now

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......@@ -112,18 +112,23 @@ def configure_logging(args, conf):
# Collect the handlers in the appropriate config option
conf[logger]['handlers'] = ','.join(handlers)
if 'to_file' in handlers:
# Because of the way python's standard logging library works, we can't
# tell this handler that the file it should log to is
# ${paths:log_dname}/foo.log. It evals() the string stored in the args,
# therefore not allowing the config parser to change that to
# ~/.sbws/log/foo.log. So we set it here.
# This is weird.
# Also we set files to rotate at 10 MiB in size and to keep 100 backups
# Python's logging library expects 'args' to be a tuple ... but it has
# to be stored as a string and it evals() the string.
# The first argument is the file name to which it should log. Set it to
# the sbws command (like 'scanner' or 'generate') if possible, or to
# 'sbws' failing that.
dname = conf['paths']['log_dname']
os.makedirs(dname, exist_ok=True)
fname = os.path.join(dname, '{}.log'.format(args.command or 'sbws'))
conf['handler_to_file']['args'] = \
"('{}', 'a', 10*1024*1024, 100)".format(fname)
# The second argument is the number of backups to keep, and the third
# is the maximum file size (in bytes) each log file should be.
max_bytes = conf.getint('logging', 'to_file_max_bytes')
num_backups = conf.getint('logging', 'to_file_num_backups')
# Now store those things as a string in the config. So dumb.
conf['handler_to_file']['args'] = str((fname, num_backups, max_bytes))
# Set some stuff that needs config parser's interpolation
conf['formatter_to_file']['format'] = conf['logging']['to_file_format']
conf['formatter_to_stdout']['format'] = conf['logging']['to_stdout_format']
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