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......@@ -175,13 +175,16 @@ The file is named with the current date. Every day a new file is created.
Source code: :func:`sbws.lib.resultdump.ResultDump.enter`
Every hour the directory authorities vote to come to a consensus about the
state of the Tor network. The bandwidth authorities need to use the results
that have been gathered to inform their vote about relays' bandwidths. To do
this they use sbws generate.
Running the generator
The relays' bandwidth measurements (``Results``) to be added to the Bandwidth
File MUST be first selected and MUST be then then scaled.
Every hour, the generator:
#. Aggregate all the measurements (not older than 6 six days) for every relay.
#. Filter the measurements
#. Scale the measurements
#. Write the bandwidth file
Source code: :func:`sbws.lib.v3bwfile.V3BWFile.from_results`
Selecting bandwidth measurements
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