1. 02 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  2. 16 May, 2018 1 commit
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      (Seem to) properly configure setup.py to pull a dev version of stem · b67cd604
      Matt Traudt authored
      I don't really like this as-is because it pins a specific (dev!) version.
      In a super ideal world, our target platforms would distribute stem
      packages that have the Timeout exception added. But that won't happen
      for a while. In an ideal world, stem will have hit 1.7.0 with the Timeout
      exception and we could require at least that.
      Maybe this isn't so bad though? Anyway, I gotta get these Travis tests to
      GH: ref #162
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      Oops ... the placement of -vv is important · 13be8a79
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      Increase verbosity of test output · 5eb9baf0
      Matt Traudt authored
      There's a known-to-fail test in another branch right now. If I didn't
      know that and I was relying on Travis to catch the issue, I would not
      be happy with the default level of output. (Specifically, the amount
      of output in a list of file names is not enough IMHO. It it was a
      different type of list, it might be okay)
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      Enable linting · e9d9deb2
      Matt Traudt authored
      - Remove default value for --max-line-length
      - Add pastlylogger.py as an excluded file. We won't use it soon, and it
      started out external to sbws anyway
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