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Feat(config): provide an example

parent eb46ba03
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ MKP224O_RUN_FLAGS="-s -d $CANDIDATES -f $FILTERS -B"
#MKP224O_BUILD_FLAGS="--enable-amd64-51-30k --enable-intfilter=native --enable-binsearch --enable-besort"
# Enables regular expression
# See
#MKP224O_BUILD_FLAGS="$MKP224O_BUILD_FLAGS --enable-regex=yes"
# Example vanity pool
This folder contains a sample configuration to mine keys
for an hypothetical site:
* `filters.lst`: the vanity filter list; the example
provided contains regular expressions, but you don't
have to use those.
* `local.conf`: local configuration overrides.
# Local configuration for the vanity pool
# Parameters defined here will override those in the main config.
# Ensure that regex support is enabled
MKP224O_BUILD_FLAGS="--enable-intfilter=native --enable-regex=yes"
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