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updated comments for the login form and started the sanitize function

parent f6a761a4
......@@ -40,6 +40,9 @@ class LoginForm(forms.Form):
code_phrase = join_key.join(cleaned_word_data)
return code_phrase
def sanitize_login_string(self, string):
"""Santizes the login string"""
def clean(self):
"""Custom clean method for form"""
# Call the parent method
......@@ -54,14 +57,16 @@ class LoginForm(forms.Form):
string_filled = True
# Now get the individual word login fields - first set up a list called word_counter
word_counter = ['word_1', 'word_2', 'word_3', 'word_4', 'word_5', 'word_6']
# iterate through the list and save the values to a new list to pass to build code phrase function.
# iterate through the wordlist, matching to cleaned_data and further santizing the input by
# calling .lower() on each word before passing it to a cleaned_word_data dictionary to be joined.
cleaned_word_data = []
for word in word_counter:
value = cleaned_data.get(word)
# if any of the words are left blank, flip the flag for all_words_filled.
if value == '':
all_words_filled = False
# if any word is filled in, flip the flap for any_words.
if value != '':
any_words = True
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