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passing project detail view test with mocked data

parent a5e271f1
...@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ class TestGitLabBotBasic(SimpleTestCase): ...@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ class TestGitLabBotBasic(SimpleTestCase):
@tag('gitlab-bot-views') @tag('gitlab-bot-views')
class TestGitlabBotProjectViewGet(TestCase): class TestGitlabBotProjectViewGet(TestCase):
"""Test Project View when url is patched""" """Test that GitLabDown Object is called when data is mocked"""
def setUp(self): def setUp(self):
"""Set Up Test""" """Set Up Test"""
...@@ -129,14 +129,35 @@ class TestGitlabBotProjectViewGet(TestCase): ...@@ -129,14 +129,35 @@ class TestGitlabBotProjectViewGet(TestCase):
new_user = UserIdentifier.objects.create( new_user = UserIdentifier.objects.create(
user_identifier = 'duo-atlas-hypnotism-curry-creatable-rubble' user_identifier = 'duo-atlas-hypnotism-curry-creatable-rubble'
) )
self.client = Client()
self.new_user = new_user self.new_user = new_user
self.project_detail_view_url = reverse('project-detail', args=[ self.project_detail_view_url = reverse('project-detail', args=[
self.new_user, self.tor_project.slug, 1]) self.new_user, self.tor_project.slug, 1])
@patch("django.conf.settings.GITLAB_URL", settings.TIMEOUT_URL) @patch("django.conf.settings.GITLAB_URL", settings.TIMEOUT_URL)
def test_project_detail_GET(self): def test_project_detail_GET(self):
"""Test the project detail view with patched data.""" """Test the project detail view with patched data."""
print( response = self.get(self.project_detail_view_url)
response = self.client.get(self.project_detail_view_url) self.response_200()
print(response.context) # Assert object in context is tor object from database.
self.assertEqual(self.context['object'], self.tor_project)
# Assert total pages and total issues = 1 (Test Generator)
self.assertEqual(self.context['open_issues']['total_pages'], 1)
self.assertEqual(self.context['open_issues']['total_issues'], 1)
# Assert context dict is built correctly
self.assertEqual(self.context['page_number'], 1)
# Assert the project in context dict is the gitlab Project
"A mock project that displays when GitLab calls time out."
# Assert the open issues dict has one object inside of it, and that
# It is the mock issue.
issue_object_key = self.context['open_issues']['issues'].keys()
self.assertEqual(len(self.context['open_issues']['issues'].keys()), 1)
for item in issue_object_key:
self.assertEqual(item.title, "OH NO! IF YOU'RE SEEING THIS, SOMETHING WENT WRONG!")
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