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finished callable get_rate_limit function

parent fea9d619
......@@ -115,11 +115,18 @@ class PassUserIdentifierMixin:
# Set rate-limiting variables as global variables with value of None.
# All items (groups/issues) currently share from same rate-limiting
# bucket. This may be changed in the future.
# bucket, which is set by RATE_GROUP. You can change this by using a
# different group name in the decorator or by not including a group name
# with requests.
RATE_GROUP = 'tor-rate-group'
LIMIT_RATE = '0/m'
def get_rate_limit(group, request, block_all=False):
"""Callable function to get rate limit."""
if block_all == True:
return '0/s'
return settings.LIMIT_RATE
# ------------------SHARED FUNCTIONS, GITLAB---------------------------
# Easy to parse version of GitLab-Python functions.
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