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updated readme with configuration settings for django ratelimit

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......@@ -8,7 +8,16 @@ the GitLab API (Python-Gitlab package.)<br>
## 1.0 Quickstart:
Clone the repo. Rename the env_sample.txt file to just “.env”. Open it
and delete first line that says "delete me", then set the SECRET_KEY to a string of
your choosing. Run the following commands:
your choosing.
This project uses Django-Ratelimit.
Set the LIMIT_RATE value to determine how many form post requests
to allow per time unit, or choose '0/s' to block all requests or leave as 'None'
to allow all requests. Change the value of MAIN_RATE_GROUP to a group name
of your choosing, or you can leave blank to have views limit individually.
Run the following commands:
1. Make a virtual environment:
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