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first mocked test passed, can probably remove "testing" call on

parent 847cd4ba
......@@ -5,13 +5,16 @@ from django.test import SimpleTestCase, Client, tag, override_settings
from test_plus.test import TestCase, CBVTestCase
from django.urls import reverse, resolve
from django.core.cache import cache
from anonticket.models import Project, Issue, Note
from anonticket.models import Project, Issue, Note, UserIdentifier
from anonticket.views import ProjectDetailView
# Import necessary functions from views
from anonticket.views import gitlab_get_project
# Import gitlab and relevant gl_bot functions.
import gitlab
from gl_bot.gitlabdown import (
GitlabDownObject, GitlabDownProject, GitlabDownIssue, GitlabDownNote)
from requests.exceptions import ConnectTimeout, ConnectionError
from unittest.mock import patch
# import get functions from view
......@@ -111,3 +114,29 @@ class TestGitLabBotBasic(SimpleTestCase):
for note in test_notes_list:
self.assertEqual(, "GitLab API call failed.")
class TestGitlabBotProjectViewGet(TestCase):
"""Test Project View when url is patched"""
def setUp(self):
"""Set Up Test"""
tor_project = Project(gitlab_id=426)
self.tor_project = tor_project
gl_project = gitlab_get_project(426, public=True)
self.gl_project = gl_project
new_user = UserIdentifier.objects.create(
user_identifier = 'duo-atlas-hypnotism-curry-creatable-rubble'
self.new_user = new_user
self.project_detail_view_url = reverse('project-detail', args=[
self.new_user, self.tor_project.slug, 1])
@patch("django.conf.settings.GITLAB_URL", settings.TIMEOUT_URL)
def test_project_detail_GET(self):
"""Test the project detail view with patched data."""
response = self.client.get(self.project_detail_view_url)
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