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temporarily deleted lazy calls from gitlab get project and getlab get issue -...

temporarily deleted lazy calls from gitlab get project and getlab get issue - no way to employ the fail gracefully method during a lazy call
parent 14b9e2e9
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ from functools import wraps
from ratelimit import UNSAFE
from ratelimit.exceptions import Ratelimited
from ratelimit.core import is_ratelimited
from requests.exceptions import ConnectTimeout
# ---------------SHARED FUNCTIONS, NON GITLAB---------------------------
# Functions that need to be accessed from within multiple views go here,
......@@ -214,10 +215,12 @@ def custom_ratelimit_post(
# ------------------SHARED FUNCTIONS, GITLAB---------------------------
# Easy to parse version of GitLab-Python functions.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
from anonticket.gitlabdown import GitlabDownIssue, GitlabDownObject, GitlabDownProject, GitlabDownNote
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(settings.GITLAB_URL, private_token=settings.GITLAB_SECRET_TOKEN, timeout=1)
gl_public = gitlab.Gitlab(settings.GITLAB_URL, timeout=1)
gl_gitlab_down = GitlabDownObject
def gitlab_get_project(project, lazy=False, public=False):
def gitlab_get_project(project, public=False):
"""Takes an integer, and grabs a gitlab project where gitlab_id
matches the integer."""
# choose the appropriate gl_object based on public API or token
......@@ -226,19 +229,25 @@ def gitlab_get_project(project, lazy=False, public=False):
gl_object = gl
# Fetch project with lazy == lazy.
working_project = gl_object.projects.get(project, lazy=lazy)
working_project = gl_object.projects.get(project)
except ConnectTimeout:
working_project = gl_gitlab_down.projects.get(1)
return working_project
def gitlab_get_issue(project, issue, lazy_project=False, lazy_issue=False, public=False):
def gitlab_get_issue(project, issue, public=False):
"""Takes two integers and grabs corresponding gitlab issue."""
working_project = gitlab_get_project(project, lazy=lazy_project, public=public)
working_issue = working_project.issues.get(issue, lazy=lazy_issue)
working_project = gitlab_get_project(project, public=public)
working_issue = working_project.issues.get(issue)
working_issue = gl_gitlab_down.projects.issues.get(1)
return working_issue
def gitlab_get_notes_list(project, issue, lazy_project=False, lazy_issue=False, public=False):
def gitlab_get_notes_list(project, issue, public=False):
"""Grabs the notes list for a specific issue."""
working_issue = gitlab_get_issue(
project, issue, lazy_project=lazy_project, lazy_issues=lazy_issue, public=public)
project, issue, public=public)
notes_list = working_issue.notes.list()
return notes_list
......@@ -743,7 +752,6 @@ def issue_detail_view(request, user_identifier, project_slug, gitlab_iid, go_bac
database_project = get_object_or_404(Project, slug=project_slug)
# Use the gitlab_id from database project to fetch project from gitlab.
# (Increases security.)
gitlab_id = database_project.gitlab_id
working_project = gitlab_get_project(project=gitlab_id, public=True)
results['project'] = working_project.attributes
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