Commit 8cd06fbe authored by ViolanteCodes's avatar ViolanteCodes
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added comments to gitlab_get_project and set timeout on gl_objects

parent 7cb63ff0
......@@ -214,16 +214,18 @@ def custom_ratelimit_post(
# ------------------SHARED FUNCTIONS, GITLAB---------------------------
# Easy to parse version of GitLab-Python functions.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(settings.GITLAB_URL, private_token=settings.GITLAB_SECRET_TOKEN)
gl_public = gitlab.Gitlab(settings.GITLAB_URL)
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(settings.GITLAB_URL, private_token=settings.GITLAB_SECRET_TOKEN, timeout=1)
gl_public = gitlab.Gitlab(settings.GITLAB_URL, timeout=1)
def gitlab_get_project(project, lazy=False, public=False):
"""Takes an integer, and grabs a gitlab project where gitlab_id
matches the integer."""
# choose the appropriate gl_object based on public API or token
if public == True:
gl_object = gl_public
gl_object = gl
# Fetch project with lazy == lazy.
working_project = gl_object.projects.get(project, lazy=lazy)
return working_project
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