Commit 9fc962d8 authored by ViolanteCodes's avatar ViolanteCodes
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added rate-limiting test for gitlab account requests

parent d3bed0c4
......@@ -985,7 +985,7 @@ class TestNoteViewRateLimit(TestCase):
self.issue = posted_issue
def test_note_create_view_POST_RATE_LIMIT(self):
"""Test rate limit decorators for note crate view."""
"""Test rate limit decorators for note create view."""
url = reverse('create-note', args=[
self.new_user, self.project.slug, self.issue.gitlab_iid])
form_data = {
......@@ -1287,6 +1287,44 @@ class TestGitlabAccountRequestViews(TestCase):
self.assertEqual(len(try_to_get_new_request), 0)
class TestGitlabAccountRateLimitNoUser(TestCase):
"""Test that rate-limiting is working properly as applied to
GitLab User Account Requests."""
def setUp(self):
"""Setup URLS for successive ratelimit calls."""
# Setup project
gitlab_url_no_user = reverse('create-gitlab-no-user')
success_url_no_user = reverse('created-no-user')
self.gitlab_url = gitlab_url_no_user
self.success_url = success_url_no_user
self.form_data_counter = 1
def increment_form_data(self):
"""Auto increment form data username and email so that
each form will be unique for rate limit trials."""
form_data = {
'username': f"username_number_{self.form_data_counter}",
'email' : f"email_{self.form_data_counter}",
'reason' : "I can't wait to collaborate with TOR!",
self.form_data_counter += 1
return form_data
def test_create_account_request_POST_no_user_RATE_LIMIT(self):
"""Test rate limit decorators on GitLabAccountRequest Post."""
url = self.gitlab_url
form_data = self.increment_form_data()
form = None
response = run_rate_limit_test(self, self.client, url, form, form_data)
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 403)
def tearDown(self):
"""Clear Cache"""
class TestViewsOtherWithDatabase(TestCase):
"""Test the functions in not directly related to one of the above
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