Commit b075e7fe authored by ViolanteCodes's avatar ViolanteCodes
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removed rate_limit_decorator for ip

parent 7f2abed8
......@@ -420,7 +420,6 @@ class UserLoginErrorView(TemplateView):
"""A generic landing page if a username doesn't pass validation tests."""
template_name = 'anonticket/user_login_error.html'
@method_decorator(custom_ratelimit_ip(), name='post')
@method_decorator(custom_ratelimit_post(), name='post')
class GitlabAccountRequestCreateView(
PassUserIdentifierMixin, CreateView):
......@@ -715,7 +714,6 @@ class ProjectDetailView(DetailView):
def create_issue_view(request, user_identifier, *args):
"""View that allows a user to create an issue. Pulls the user_identifier
from the URL path and tries to pull that UserIdentifier from database,
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