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added a .lower method on check_user in so that IDS would always be...

added a .lower method on check_user in so that IDS would always be tested with .lower() and a .lower() method in the validate_user decorator so that the view would always be rendered with lowercase ID
parent ca633ad9
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ def get_linked_notes(UserIdentifier):
def check_user(user_identifier):
"""Check that a user_identifier meets validation requirements."""
user_identifier = user_identifier.lower()
id_to_test = user_identifier.split('-')
if len(id_to_test) != settings.DICE_ROLLS:
return False
......@@ -95,11 +96,12 @@ def validate_user(view_func):
"""A decorator that calls check_user validator."""
def validate_user_identifier(request, user_identifier, *args, **kwargs):
get_user_identifier = check_user(user_identifier)
lowercase_user_identifier = user_identifier.lower()
get_user_identifier = check_user(lowercase_user_identifier)
if get_user_identifier == False:
return redirect('user-login-error', user_identifier=user_identifier)
response = view_func(request, user_identifier, *args, **kwargs)
response = view_func(request, lowercase_user_identifier, *args, **kwargs)
return response
return validate_user_identifier
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