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cleaned up the file and added doc_strings

parent f99ddec5
import requests
import urllib
import socket
import gitlab
# import urllib3
# from urllib3.exceptions import ConnectionError, TimeoutError
from requests.exceptions import ConnectTimeout
"""Dummy GitLab Objects to use if the GitLab call times out."""
class GitlabDownObject:
"""A mocked version of the Gitlab Object for when Gitlab is down."""
......@@ -17,22 +10,22 @@ class GitlabDownProject:
def __init__(self): = 'Gitlab Timed Out'
self.attributes = {
'created_at': '2020-12-01T17:19:24.061Z',
'created_at': '',
'description': 'A mock project that displays when GitLab calls time out.',
'id': 'NA',
'last_activity_at': '2020-12-15T21:45:42.934Z',
'last_activity_at': '',
'name': 'GitLab Timed Out',
'name_with_namespace': 'The Tor Project / Anon-Ticket',
'name_with_namespace': '',
'namespace': { 'avatar_url': None,
'full_path': 'tpo/tpa',
'id': 480,
'id': NA,
'kind': 'group',
'name': 'TPA',
'parent_id': 268,
'parent_id': NA,
'path': 'tpa',
'web_url': ''},
'tag_list': [],
'web_url': '',
'web_url': '',
self.issues = GitlabDownIssue()
......@@ -143,3 +136,6 @@ class GitlabDownNote:
notes_list = []
return notes_list
def __str__(self):
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