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working json dict api request

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from rest_framework.decorators import api_view
from rest_framework.response import Response
from anonticket.models import Issue, Note, GitlabAccountRequest
#Function based view iwth Api-view decorator
def list_irc_pending(request):
"""View to list Pending API totals. GET-only accepted."""
return Response({"message": "Hello, world!"})
issue_total = Issue.objects.filter(reviewer_status='P').count()
note_total = Note.objects.filter(reviewer_status='P').count()
gitlab_account_request_total = GitlabAccountRequest.objects.filter(reviewer_status='P').count()
build_dictionary = {
"Pending Issues": issue_total,
"Pending Notes": note_total,
"Pending Gitlab Account Requests": gitlab_account_request_total,
return Response(build_dictionary)
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