Commit 5b951502 authored by kezzle's avatar kezzle
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Recursively create the remote safe directory

Previously if the remote safe directory wasn't fully created, the script
would crash and leave files in the remote processing directory
parent d961a32a
......@@ -357,6 +357,18 @@ def main():
class ProcessingClient(wc.Client):
def mkdir_recursive(self, path: str):
"""Loop through the parts of a path, and create them all"""
# build and create each subdirectory one path component at a time
full_path: str = ""
for component in path.split("/"):
full_path = join(full_path, component)
if not self.mkdir(full_path):
# couldn't create the directory, return an error
return False
return True
def process_path(self, folder, path):
if is_special_folder(path):
logging.debug("found special folder %s, skipping", path)
......@@ -442,8 +454,12 @@ class ProcessingClient(wc.Client):
# 6. on success, upload the sanitized file to a safe/
# folder, move the original to dangerzone/processed
remote_safe_path = join(folder, "safe", path)
remote_safe_directory = join(folder, "safe")
remote_safe_path = join(remote_safe_directory, path)
local_safe_path = join(self.sanitizer.safe_dir, path)"recursively creating remote safe directory {remote_safe_directory}")
if not self.dryrun:
"uploading %s to %s", local_safe_path, remote_safe_path
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