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explicitly upload only the processed path

The `upload_sync()` function actually wipes the remote directory (or,
more precisely, removes files not present locally), so we actually
need to specify which component we need to upload, otherwise other
sanitized folders will get destroyed.

Closes: #7
parent 11b480c1
......@@ -431,15 +431,16 @@ class ProcessingClient(wc.Client):
# 6. on success, upload the sanitized file to a safe/
# folder, move the original to dangerzone/processed
remote_safe_path = folder + "/safe/"
remote_safe_path = folder + "/safe/" + path
local_safe_path = self.sanitizer.safe_dir + "/" + path
"uploading %s to %s", self.sanitizer.safe_dir, remote_safe_path
"uploading %s to %s", local_safe_path, remote_safe_path
if not self.dryrun:
# does that work when safe/ already has stuff?
remote_processed_path = folder + "/dangerzone/processed/" + path
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