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Update README.markdown with info on SECRET_KEY and the test server.

Closes #4
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......@@ -9,9 +9,17 @@ The Gitlab Lobby allows users to:
2. Anonymously submit and comment on issues on Tor's Gitlab instance.
We currently run a trial instance of this project on
<>. Users can request Gitlab accounts from there.
# To run it locally
You need to start by setting the `SECRET_KEY` variable in
`src/lobby/`. This value can be an arbitrary string, and you should
never commit changes to ``.
Then run the following commands:
$ virtualenv -p python3.7 .env
$ source .env/bin/activate
......@@ -21,3 +29,5 @@ $ python src/ migrate
$ python src/ runserver
When `runserver` is running, you should be able to point your browser to
<> and reach the local version of the application.
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